• Swoggle Squad 259: Title Town!
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle243PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, Mullet introduces the PODSWOGGLE TITLE that will be defended every month on Twitch and the Squad selects the first competitors. Also, a great game and we figure out the Encyclopedia Game for good.

  • Swoggle Squad 258: Turn the Paige
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle258PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, Augie returns to the Mullet household to catch up on recent news and has some questions of his own. Rich continues to have visitors in Chicago and Whidden shows up eventually.

  • Swoggle Squad 257: Swoggle Game Beta Phase
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle241PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, Mullet has an idea for a new game that revolves around the WWE Encyclopedia. Rich and Augie help him test it out. The names get random, so we think we have a success.

  • Swoggle Squad 256: The Ides of Marcho
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle256PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, our fall tournament is revealed and it is incredibly meta. "25 Years" of Marcho has led to this. Who is the best to never win and how many songs can Rich sing? Join us October 20th at 9 EST for the live streaming results on Twitch!

  • Swoggle Squad 255: Never Rumble Alone II
    Written by Swoggle Squad

    MEPodswoggle239PicIn this episode of Podswoggle, Mullet takes on the task of keeping this sad, new series alive by drinking on his own to the 2002 Rumble. 2002 might also be the number of burps on the show.


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